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February 19, 2009
Alaska Division of Occupational LicensingAlaska State Medical Board (A.S.M.B.) P.O. Box 110806Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Subject: Southcentral Foundation (S.C.F.) Theresa Bramel, P.A., Psychiatric Inaccuracies

Dear A.S.M.B.:
This letter pertains to the medical, and especially, the psychiatric mental health inaccuracies, opinions, speculations and arbitrary interpretations from other medical providers and case managers employed and connected to S.C.F. and Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (C.I.R.I.) that Theresa Bramel continues to focus on false and/or disputed statements without any transparency and opportunity for “due process” to correct those egregious defamations. These defamations, written and documented by Theresa Bramel, P.A., in my Alaska Native Medical Chart #34238 and the 99-pages that were faxed to Southern regional A.H.E.C. on 12/17/08 and a few weeks ago, yet this letter will focus on those numbered pages from the December, 17, 2008 faxed documents, contradict U.S.A. Federal Government PhD psychiatrist Dr. William Campbell, 907.276.7374 (re: Social Security), Rick Leyland at Alaskan Aids Assistance Association (4 A’s) 907.263.2050, Dr. Susan McGinnis and Tia Beckman at Ft Lewis College, located in Durango, Colorado 970.247.7184, and others in Florida.
This letter also raises concerns that also pertain to pending civil litigation for multiple defamations against S.C.F. and its Behavioral Health Department, 2005 issues pertaining to employment and federal reporting on S.C.F., altered medical documents from Alaska Native Medical Center (A.N.M.C.)/Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (A.N.T.H.C.) and S.C.F. that I have in Switzerland and on file with my attorney, S.C.F. Human Resources Director, Sandra Boehling and C.E.O. Katherine Gottlieb, S.C.F. paid outsourced physician and psychiatrist Wandall Winn, M.D., and his daughter’s flawed psychiatric MMPI-2 evaluation due to a 2005 employment issue (that has happened in previous motions against them: AWCB Case No. 200604112M, 200605754), AWCB Decision No. 08-0170), Cook Inlet Region, Inc (C.I.R.I.), Anchorage Police Department, the Alaska State Troopers, the State of Alaska, the F.B.I. (whom I applied for employment in 2000 and was denied), Alaska Psychiatric Institute (A.P.I.), and other entities that most violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (H.I.P.A.A.) and several other legal issues that I am currently not at liberty to specify due to my attorney in anchorage, J. Adam Bartlett.
Here are some of the pages faxed on 12/17/08 with inaccuracies:

1. On page 22, Theresa Bramel writes about my “erratic behavior” while simultaneously states that on this visit (and the others) that I was “pleasant and cooperative” (that are collaborated by A.N.M.C. physicians Dr. Trimble, Dr. Clawson, Dr. Kokesh), & Optometry and Ophthalmology Clinics. I have all these documents now and from previous years.
2. On page 25, Theresa Bramel refers to S.C.F. “diagnosis of psychotic disorder” and comments from various “various case managers in the community” without any specifications on who, what, when, where, and why for credibility issues and for me to know whom to challenge. Please identify such with investigation and documentation for my attorneys.
3. On page 25, Theresa Bramel states that I have “conspiracy theories” about “fighting erroneous legal charges on his record”. Any potential and/or on-going federal investigations and my attorney-client privilege information is not for her to speculate on, only to objectively, I repeat, objectively and professional report, not speculation and opinions that are directly connected to her employer whom I have a pending civil litigation lawsuit after a federal investigation is complete.
4. On page 29, Theresa Bramel writes that I have a “recent history of disordered thinking”, “delusional thinking”, and “paranoia” reported by the 4 A’s “3-4 weeks” previous apparently “talking to myself” that is totally erroneous and she did not even mention that I responded to her that I was directly speaking to “John” and others their that were gossiping about me and other issues, yet arbitrarily documented only her opinions despite not being there. Please identify such with investigation and documentation for my attorneys.
5. On page 32, Theresa Bramel writes that a “midget” bit off my thumb on August 4, 2006. I have never referred to the malicious felony of Mr. Ricardo Rodriguez by any unprofessional language and never called him, although being small, a “midget”. Even on this visit, Theresa Bramel writes that I am “a pleasant man with no distress”

Here is what I please request:

1. An A.N.T.H.C.-H.R./S.C.F.-Wandall W. Winn/C.I.R.I. off-campus and non-affiliated investigations into these issues addressed, specifically, the S.C.F. Behavioral Health Department previous years of total misleading, omissions, half-truths and outright lies about me and what I have and have not stated.
2. A professional, objective, and non-ideological corrections of the numerous inaccuracies that are likely attorney-directed attempts to discredit me due to my previous communication with the above entities on my future civil litigation objectives.
3. Accountability and transparency for A.N.T.H.C.-H.R./S.C.F.-Wandall W. Winn/C.I.R.I. and documented complaints to the State of Alaska Medical Board on the above mentioned entities with their connections to C.I.R.I.
4. My 2008 previous complaint against case manager Dale Williams of the Alaskan Aids Assistance Association and other employees there to Susan Jones, State of Alaska R.N.M.N., Ryan White A.D.A.P.-AIDS (907.269.8000).

Thank you for your attention to these serious legal and medical issues.


Gerry Lindgren
C/O Andersons
7896 King Road
Fayetteville, NC 28306

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