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GOD IS LOVE (2000 in Durango)

God is love
He from above
Gave us life
And gifts in rife

Grace is might
Giving us sight
What is right?
The sacred plight

He is kind
Easy to find
Not so far
Look to the stars

He is good
On earth He stood
To see his face
We leave in pace

Peace at night
Life-full of bright
To see light
To know no more fright

God is love
White as a dove
Love Him may
To know Him we pray

TODAY (1990 in L.A.: Revised in 2000 in Durango)

Today I glide with eagles
In an endless dive, singing
I’m alive, I’m alive, yes, I’m alive

Today I see a bright star
Shining from above, showing
Me that today, I have found true love

Today the next wind will blow
Where will my love go, thinking?
Does he know how much I do love him so?

Today peer into my mind
Look inside my heart, feeling
That you my love and I will never part

Today I blissfully sleep
Yes, true love I found, dreaming
Will he forever with me be around?

Today I fly with blue birds
Happiness comes way, praising
What a majestic day this is today


Once I was a boy
Full of smiles and joy
Peace and love within me
Until I looked at the tree

A dying little bird
So precious and absurd
In the clasp of my hands
The last song-oh how sad

Once I was a man
Full of fear-thus I ran
Singings of birds all around
Moving to every sound

My spirit-it was saved
Love-to my soul I gave
When I freely walk along
Singings of birds are just songs


My love, my love, it is me
The one you sought and found
Over here, by the blooming tree
Do you hear its lovely sound?
You must simply agree
That we are truly free
Together, with much glee

My love, my love, it is me
The one you sought and found
Dreaming of day and night
When joy goes round and round
You must simply agree
As Fall’s dying leaves
Until Spring we shall bleed

My love, my love, it is me
The one you sought and found
A flower blossoming with bees
Nectar of sweetness abounds
You must simply agree
Our fate we must heed
Together we will be


Oh shock of first breathing air
Has awakened me, life has begun
Absorbing sights, sounds, to touch, to hear, to see

Connected with the cosmos
Not yet aware, no, not yet
Life so precious, yet so rare

Learning through observing
A journey anew, a genesis
Becoming conscious like a morning dew

To be able to think
Deciphering for myself morals and values
Judging good and evil among ourselves

I may love and I may hate
It is free-will, a sacred gift
Above the animals I am lifted

The many days, yes, eventually to expire
So tragic and so bliss, I wonder
Did I live, or simply exist?

I CRY (2000 in Durango)

I cry for God to procure justice
I cry for all-love to practice
I cry for ones that are in pain
I cry for pure love to gain
I cry for those who do so hate
I cry for them to alter their fate
I cry for peace and tranquility
I cry for altruism and amicability
I cry for eternal life to start
I cry for ones with good hearts
I cry for evilness to end
I cry for God-angels to send
I cry for sleep-it is fair
I cry for those who breathe air
I cry for the sun never to set
I cry for sins that I regret
I cry for harmony and forgiveness
I cry for truth, and yes, bliss
I cry for ones’ dreams to try
I cry for me-never again to cry

IMPERATIVE (2000 in Durango)

The wind that blows away
Carries much strife
Each path that gives way
May bring life
What does the heart desire?
Love of life-perhaps fire
It will inspire

A drive from inside
Emotionally driven
Put sanity aside
Heart-be arisen
The path now is awakened
Will-to be strengthened
Courage must be taken

Let there be love
Not just intellect
Light from above
Imperative to protect
Go-and do not delay
Because if the answer is nay
Dreams will decay

FATE (2000 in Durango)

Hypocrites-enjoy today
Tomorrow is your date
Even though you outward pray
You’ll never enter heaven’s gate
You appear very bright
Yet have not seen the light
Darkness is your plight

Love does not abound
Wealth you seek
Spirit will not be found
You may weep
Pride is your weakness
Money-it is useless
Hearts of emptiness

Friendship with possessions
That fades away
Will you learn life’s lessons?
Or let pureness sway
Do not be full of hate
Or it will be too late
Death to be your fate

ALONE (2001 in Durango)

Life’s first breath is air
Broken ties of a pair
Perfection abruptly torn
Pain and suffering now born

Circle of life to complete
To return-such a feat
A short time to atone
The path one walks alone


A pretty flower fell into my care
And to its destiny I could have fared
Yet, I veered wildly until I could not see
That this one flower was meant for me

Love being such a futile emotion
Unless it is made with a divine potion
Surely then it must be treated sacred
Or its magic will certainly be wasted

I loved you beyond your fondest dreams
If you only knew from the sunlight’s beams
Shining the truth so through and through
Of how it could have been with me and you

You are the knight that loved me with gracious power
Protecting me from falling in the darkest hour
Your warmth and light I will never forget
And to your heart I will someday connect

In my dreams you will always live
So what you taught me I will freely give
To each who wish to love one and all
For which our destiny we have been called

Please send me faith for when I am weak
Strengthening my spirit for which I seek
I will love you until the end of time
For you my flower will always be mine

A VISION OF LOVE (2001 in Los Angeles)

A vision of love
Came to me one night
Sent high from above
In pretty blue light
Circles of destiny
Music so right
The archangel’s company
Now within sight

Sacred flower is blooming
Its pulpit ajar
Son of Man looming
Maxim from afar
To seek out the loving
And ones pure of heart
For soon peace is coming
I am to take part

On the earth I do rove
With such delight
Everywhere I do go
To reach a new height
Wisdom hidden in a cove
Providing insight
My life will now be wove
With dignity and might

Justice is nearing
It will never mar
The matrix is sealing
Good above the bar
Truth-to be seeking
No need to look far
Among you it is walking
A star among stars

SET ME FREE (1989 in Fountain Valley, CA)

Why do you desire unreasonable expectations?
When I can not give false imitations
Putting so much trust in your judgment
Has left me wounded with much astonishment
Never letting me decide, you held me back
From growing inside-this is fact

Leaving me confused
On my own
Damage being done
To life I am prone
Please set me free
Just disappear
Do not take my peace
Just my fear

A searching heart is this time
That I am living-to you I am blind
Now where to go I must choose
Or it will be too late and then I will lose
Unjustly wronged and being denied
To show my love and to have a mind

Leaving me confused
On my own
Damage being done
To life I am prone
Please set me free
Just disappear
Do not take my peace
Just my fear

Because now I see and realize
My own reasons for being alive



I am traveling through a time with my heart full
Of uncertainty
To be guided-oh how desirable
That would be
Confusion, pain and insanity
It has no place to go
To understand my mind
Would let my troubled spirit flow
Where are you my passageway?

Seeing lightness being covered over
By dark shadows
Great deep fear
Shivering intensely in battle
Hatred and deceit
Many holes left uncovered
The path is now living
Am I to be smothered?
Where now to escape my passageway?

There is a wrench twisting deep
Within my heart
To let anyone in
No-I will always guard
Is there anyone out there
Who can really relate?
Or will I just be another victim
Of my own fate?
Come find me my passageway

Now how much I hate
To even be living
Would not this life be peaceful
If it were ending?
Longing to destroy those shadows
Who haunt me?
But it is now too late
For they are demanding their fee
Are you nowhere to be found my passageway?
Am I so different, weird or
Unjustly created
Must I always be
The one most hated?
Somebody, my I be permitted
To at least fold?
Or shall I allow my heart
To just explode?
Is that going to be my passageway?

Crying-no, you have
No right to exist
Emotions released
Will receive an iron fist
To sleep forever
I would accept as fair
To open these eyes
I would never even dare
Do you really not care my passageway?

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