Wednesday, April 1, 2009


25 February 2009Fayetteville Police Department (F.P.D.)Office of Professional Standards (O.P.S.)467 Hay StreetFayetteville, NC 28301Subject: F.P.D. HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION EVENTS CONTINUESDear O.P.S.:
The purpose of this letter is to address the continuing harassment by many, not all, F.P.D. officers any time that I call them as the most recent incident will describe below:
On February 23, 2009, at approximately 4:00 p.m. E.S.T, I was hit by a black vehicle by an African-American male in a military uniform who went through a stop sign on McPherson Church Road adjacent to Jiffy Lube and near Olive Garden where I was walking to (due to epilepsy and no drivers license) to seek employment. I was hit in the right side of my body and the injuries were slight, therefore, I wished to document the incident for other legal reasons even though there were no tags on the back of the vehicle that hit me. I called 911 and the female officer in vehicle number 1213, NC Auto Tag WF-19 554 8-R, responded, initially ignored me and was walking inside Jiffy Lube instead of towards me, was aloof, insolent and stated that she was “not going to make a report due to it not making sense that you are in the Cambridge Arms area”. 1. Why would it matter where any “hit and run” occurs?2. There are many businesses in the Cambridge Arms area, so it does make “sense” that an unemployed person would be in the area seeking employment.3. The female officer was communicating with an older, white male in a white vehicle, auto tag: XWA 1 554 and is there any connection?Subsequently, I called 911 again, requested to speak to the Watch Commander and was connected to Officer Reed who told me to wait for him at the location and I did while the female officer remained in her patrol car, speaking on a cell phone. Officer Reed was even more disrespectful and condescending asking irrelevant questions and dismissing my comments. Here are the problems with Officer Reed:1. Officer Reed asked who my attorney is and this is his only question that I refused to answer, thus, he stated: “I am not going to take the report because you are uncooperative.”2. Officer Reed was in communication with the Jiffy Lube employees with much more respect than with me and asked them if they wanted me on their property when I was on the sidewalk the majority of the time as instructed by 911 operators. Why would Officer Reed attempt a trespass incident when I was told by F.P.D. to wait there?3. I was cooperative with Officer Reed on every question and informed him of the Constitutional 5th Amendment of the U.S.A. Bill of Rights after, I repeat, after he stated that he was not going to take the report due to not being informed of my attorney’s name and he was entering his patrol car.4. I called 911 again and spoke with an officer (I do not remember his name) and Officer Reed came back out to give me my NC State ID back and a report number: 2009-6474. As he left, Officer Reed asked me who I spoke with at F.P.D., I told him that I did not remember the name of the officer, he walked away and mumbled about no report was going to be done.Even though these multiple incidents occurring to the same person that even I find bizarre as well as my police officer friends in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida found to be unusual until they themselves witnessed some of them, here are my 3 basic questions:1. Why do most times that I call 911, F.P.D. initially treats me, the victim, unprofessionally with no objectivity as I have pending Civil Litigation cases and some information that I have is attorney-client privilege and they should just do their duty by making an unbiased report, no matter how unusual the frequency for reasons to be explained in court at a later date.2. Is the F.P.D. aware of whom I am due to other police corruption cases and could this explain part of the harassment? Any and all calls to F.P.D. may be subpoenaed (pro and con), affidavits if any signed may be subpoenaed, and cross examination by my attorneys in court for connections, if any.3. Will this pattern of F.P.D. harassment continue, including the surveillance?For your information, my attorney in Anchorage, Alaska for 2 previous incidents and for any future contact is Adam Bartlett and his number is: 907.277.0535.Sincerely,Gerry LindgrenC/O Andersons7896 King RoadFayetteville, NC 28306

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